Tailored Packages

We tailor specialised packages specific to your requirements. Our professional and holistic approach to increasing the profit of your business means you can create custom solutions featuring some or many of our quality services. Our team boasts extensive skills and experience that can provide you with many years of hands on expert tourism industry and customer service knowledge. Our areas of expertise include; management and ownership of numerous caravan parks across Australia, tourism accreditation and customer service, visitor information centre management, extensive experience working in and for local government especially in the tourism and economic development areas and small business ownership.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

We offer destination consulting experience in preparing and implementing tourism, visitor and marketing strategies and action plans; and in producing realistic, holistic and practical business plans for businesses. Our plans and programs are designed to look at the destination as a whole, engage with the community, liaise with the visitor, and most importantly prepare you with the knowledge to make sound business decisions for the future. When it comes to marketing, each of our plans matches target markets with core product to ensure that the region/business has focus and rationale for allocating its limited resources. Each of our plans concentrates on improving this competitive advantage through practical strategies in product development, positioning and capacity building.

Mystery Visits

A mystery visit gains an insight into the complete visitor experience. Our professional researchers conduct a physical visit seeking responses to pre-determined criteria. The researchers report truthfully and thoroughly on what they observe and experience in an unbiased manner. These visits can be arranged to coincide with seasonality to compare the experience between busy periods to quiet periods, periodically to monitor team consistency and performance or annually to compare change over time. Visits can also be undertaken to benchmark against opposition businesses. For prospective tourism award and local business award applicants a mystery visit can be invaluable in taking an objective look at the business. It helps to highlight those areas of your business that may need improvement and also reinforce what you are doing well. Similarly, mystery visits are valuable for those considering the purchase of a new business.


We facilitate interactive and engaging workshops and professional development activities that can give you a rare insight into your customers’ complete experience. Our team specialise in the delivery of workshops that explore the ‘customer journey’ and ‘customer mapping’, and all the touch points throughout a customers eyes. Workshops involve role-playing and are designed for all staff members of your business to attend. We offer a variety of packages, which can include a number of business audits, followed by a comprehensive and personalised review. The review involves an intimate workshop for two to four key people from your business and includes advice and mentoring on how to move forward and improve your business and the way you interact with your customers.

Focus Groups

A form of qualitative research, to help gather consumer insights into your business. We gather a group of people who are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards your product, service or brand.

Mentoring Programs

Based on the results of the Mystery Visits, our expert team can provide Mentoring Programs to help your interpret your data and to develop and implement improvement strategies. Our team will work with you to develop strategies and achievable goals that can improve service delivery and the overall consumer experience. The team of experts are experienced in working within resource limitations and budgetary constraints and will assist you to create a deliverable strategy for improvement.

Town and Regional Audits

Our research staff undertake a physical assessment of the overall experience of a town or region from the point of view of a consumer, including everything from signage, access and parking, amenities, retail/accommodation/dining options and visitor services.  Audits can be expanded to include clean town audits for Tidy Town of the Year awards applicants.

Intercept Surveys

This is a common product used for festivals and events. Trained research staff are positioned at key locations to survey consumers face to face. Using tablets and identified by professional Edge Insights uniforms, researchers ‘intercept’ members of the public and after gaining permission, ask a series of pre-determined questions to gather data. This enables event organisers to gather valuable data from attendees and obtain specific and accurate information to enable ongoing improvement and programming to meet theneeds and demands of their target audience.

International Visitor Data Collection

Due to significant growth in the Chinese Travel market we have developed a research tool designed to obtain feedback specifically from Chinese visitors. We have partnered with a business based in Shanghai who help us collate and translate the data obtained.