Mystery Visits

A mystery visit gains an insight into the complete visitor experience. Our professional researchers conduct a physical visit seeking responses to pre-determined criteria. The researchers report truthfully and thoroughly on what they observe and experience in an unbiased manner. These visits can be arranged to coincide with seasonality to compare the experience between busy periods to quiet periods, periodically to monitor team consistency and performance or annually to compare change over time. Visits can also be undertaken to benchmark against opposition businesses. For prospective tourism award and local business award applicants a mystery visit can be invaluable in taking an objective look at the business. It helps to highlight those areas of your business that may need improvement and also reinforce what you are doing well. Similarly, mystery visits are valuable for those considering the purchase of a new business.

Town and Regional Audits

Our research staff undertake a physical assessment of the overall experience of a town or region from the point of view of a consumer, including everything from signage, access and parking, amenities, retail/accommodation/dining options and visitor services.  Audits can be expanded to include clean town audits for Tidy Town of the Year awards applicants.